In 2019, Governor Polis signed new legislation into law, allowing for cannabis delivery in Colorado. It allows for medical marijuana delivery throughout the state, but only if the local municipalities opt-in. Boulder and Superior were on board almost immediately, but the rest of the state seems content to take its time.

2020 was originally meant to be something of a trial run, with recreational cannabis delivery scheduled to begin in 2021. Unfortunately, the same rule applies, and local municipalities must opt-in. Until local governments take action to opt into this new law, you won’t be able to get marijuana products delivered to your door. This applies to the medical marijuana program as well as recreational marijuana.

When Will Marijuana Delivery Services Legal?

The Colorado cannabis community is lagging a little bit behind other states in terms of delivery services, which is a bit surprising when you consider how quickly our legislators legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older compared to other states. We’re hopeful that local municipalities throughout Colorado will get on board with delivery programs soon, though.

Once that happens, the marijuana enforcement division will decide which dispensaries are licensed to deliver to medical marijuana patients and adults over the age of 21. Dispensaries that offer these services will have to follow strict guidelines before handing over the products, so don’t expect your medical cannabis delivery to be quite as casual as getting a pizza. You should expect to have to show your ID before accepting your delivery.

Medical marijuana delivery is likely to become available before recreational delivery. Deliveries to patients benefit a lot of people who can’t visit the dispensary as easily. It will all come down to which businesses can get licensing, though.

Illegal Cannabis Delivery in Denver

In the meantime, you may notice some third party weed delivery businesses popping up in Denver. These businesses aren’t legal, so we recommend against buying from them. While we’re in a hurry for local legal entities to catch up with the times, we’d never encourage anyone to break existing laws in the meantime. Until our dispensary is able to join the marijuana delivery program while meeting the requirements of the law, we’ll keep doing business with our consumers the way we have been.

Order Cannabis Online in Denver

While it isn’t making the news as much as weed delivery is, ordering online makes sales relatively free from hassles. Place your order in advance, and everything will be ready for you when you arrive at the dispensary. This system can’t free you from having to leave your house, but it does allow you to get your weed without waiting in line.

Upcoming Cannabis Delivery in Denver Colorado

We’re also doing everything in our power to get ready for the time when Denver, Colorado does start allowing weed deliveries. We use Dutchie as our online ordering system. This system was created by people who have experience with food delivery apps, and technology is purpose-built for convenient deliveries. As soon as we get approved to start delivering cannabis, we’ll have what we need to get started.

West Colfax Cannabis Dispensary

Here at Pig ‘N’ Whistle, we plan to start delivering recreational cannabis as soon as we’re legally able to do so. Our convenient location will allow us to deliver quickly to the West Colfax area, however, we’re looking forward to serving you wherever we are able. Until then, we invite you to check our current dispensary menu and place an order online for maximum convenience.

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