Top Indica Strains

Indica strains are often associated with a deep state of physical relaxation or a body high. This makes them appealing to many people who are buying cannabis flower for at night. Most people think of indica strains as the perfect addition to a night spent having snacks, lounging on the couch, and watching TV. 

What are the top Indica strains?

When you’re looking for something to soothe your body and mind, consider buying one of the following cannabis strains, which are among Colorado’s best indicas.

1 – Huckleberry

While this strain is technically a hybrid, many people report that it makes them feel indica effects like calm and relaxation. Some of the biggest fans of this strain say they love it because it helps them unwind both mentally and physically, without making their heads feel too hazy. This makes it an interesting option for anyone who wants to ease themselves into the evening without completely ending the day.

Beyond these desirable effects, indica fans also love Huckleberry because of its memorable taste. The flavor has notes of intense fruitiness, which may remind you of other strains like Blueberry. Give this one a shot if you love strains with sweet berry notes.

2 – MAC

Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, MAC is a cross of Alien Cookies with Starfighter and Columbian. This is another strain that actually has somewhat balanced hybrid effects, but many indica fans seek it out because they say it makes them feel calm and relaxed, especially mentally. When you’re looking for premium indicas, this might be the option to help your stress melt away without putting you to sleep.

These beautiful buds are absolutely coated with resin. As you start to break them apart, you’ll probably notice sweet floral notes with a hint of sweetness. On the exhale, you may even pick up a little bit of citrus flavor.

3 – Larry OG

Larry OG comes to us from California, where it was originally created by crossing OG Kush with SFV OG. Many fans of this strain describe the resulting body high as a pleasant buzz that makes them feel great while still allowing them to get things done. It’s one of our favorite strains for relaxing without giving up on being productive. Most people say this strain helps with mental stress as well as physical discomfort.

4 – Blue Pyramid

This indica-dominant strain was created by crossing Shishkaberry with Blueberry. It’s associated with a heavy body buzz and feelings of calm, balance, and relaxation. These effects are the primary reasons so many people are interested in Blue Pyramid, but the taste and aroma are very desirable as well. The buds are dense, compact, and coated with a thick layer of trichomes.

As soon as you set eyes on Blue Pyramid, you’ll be able to tell a thing or two about the resin production this plant manages. While this strain can be grown outside, it’s typically grown inside, especially here in Colorado. This allows the cannabis cultivators to lower the temperature for the last few days of flowering and get even more of the blue tint for which this cannabis flower is named.

5 – Rainbow Cookies

If you’re looking for new indica-leaning strains, Rainbow Cookies will almost definitely be of interest to you. As a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Animal Cookies, this strain is making the most out of some of the best cannabis genetics in the game right now. The flavor tastes like sweet, sugary baked goods with more than a hint of berry flavor.

The buds look every bit as good as they smell, too. Dark green colors are spotted with hues of blue and purple, and everything about these nuggets just screams, “premium cannabis flower.” If you’re a fan of the Cookies Family of cannabis strains, give this one a try.

6 – Mile High Cookies

This indica-dominant strain leverages genetics from the famous Cookies Family in addition to a classic Kush lineage. Depending on exactly how the bud is harvested and handled, there may be spots of extremely dark purple color. See if you can catch a whiff of dark fruit aroma before diving into this relaxing strain.

7 – Moonboots

This is an indica-dominant strain with unbelievable resin production. This strain pulls on the genetics of some of the best strains in Colorado, like White, Tahoe, OG Girl Scout Cookies, and Moon Bow #75. These buds are coated in so much resin and trichomes that they start to take on a shiny white appearance.

The smell is just as premium, with one of the most complex, intense, and exotic terpene profiles we’ve encountered in quite a while. We’ve heard a bunch of different answers as far as what this strain smells like: honey, potpourri, flowers, incense; you name it. The strangest thing is that you might actually be able to pick up any and all of those notes in the deep, layered aroma of this cannabis flower. 

8 – Bundy

Also known as Bundy OG, this predominantly indica strain is a heavy hitter. It’s known for a sweet kush flavor that you barely have time to appreciate before you feel a stoney high creeping throughout your entire body. Even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs should be treating this strain with a lot of respect.

It will give you some hint of what you’re in for just by the funky smell that fills your nostrils. As soon as you start breaking these fluffy buds apart, it will release a level of stink that lets you know you’re handling a premium indica cannabis flower strain.

9 – Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Man is an indica-dominant cross of Jet Fuel Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot. The buds are dense, scattered with orange hairs, and absolutely coated with shiny white trichomes. The scent is interesting, too. Some berry and apricot scents make it just sweet and fruity enough that you can tell why it gets the name it has. You’re also likely to smell some diesel fuel, though, as if this ice cream man is driving around in an old truck.

Top Indica Cannabis Strains in Denver, Colorado

Here at our dispensary in West Colfax, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of Denver’s best cannabis strains. When you visit Pig ‘N’ Whistle, you’ll be able to choose from all types of hybrid, sativa, and indica flower strains. Our experienced budtenders can help you weigh each strain’s different characteristics as you navigate our dispensary menu to find the best option for your lifestyle. Stop by today to browse our selection of premium indica strains in person, or order ahead for maximum convenience.

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